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Ambassador Wang Qing accompany Vice President Jalloh to inspect the Sierra Leone National Stadium Rehabilitation Project
2023-09-19 21:45

    On September 19, 2023, Chinese Ambassador Wang Qing accompanied H.E Vice President Jalloh to inspect the China-aided Sierra LeoneNational Stadium which is undergoing major renovations now. The Minister of Sports, the Minister of Works and Chief of the project contractor attended the event.

    H.E Vice President Jalloh thanked China for its long-term valuable support and assistance to the economic and social development of Sierra Leone, and expressed gratitude to the Chinese and Sierra Leonean employees involved in the rehabilitation work. He said that this project will make this one and onlynational stadium of Sierra Leone which was built with China's aid in the 1970s functioning much better. He and the Sierra Leonean people eagerly look forward to the stadium being put into use as soon as possible after the rehabilitation is completed.

    Ambassador Wang Qing said that the National Stadium is a landmark project of China-Sierra Leone friendship. For more than 40 years, it has witnessed the friendship between the two countries becomes stronger and stronger over time. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the rehabilitation project and looks forward to presenting a modern stadium with a brand-new look to the Sierra Leonean people so that it can better serve the country and the people of Sierra Leone.

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