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China, EU Complete Investment Agreement Negotiations
2020-12-31 09:41

Negotiations on the China-EU bilateral investment treaty have been completed as scheduled. The top leaders of the two sides jointly made the announcement when they held a conference via video link on Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020 . This is a major event between China and the EU. It is also a piece of stimulating news for a world still plagued by the ravaging pandemic. This is a future-oriented major decision.

Talks on the China-EU investment treaty had been going on for seven years and there had been more than 30 rounds of negotiations. It is conceivable that there are many difficulties. However, the two sides finally completed the negotiations. This proves a fact: As long as the two sides are sincere in wanting to strengthen reciprocal cooperation, they can overcome any differences.

Both China and the EU are large economies, and the two sides' latest achievement will inject a kind of certainty into this uncertain world. H.E. Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the treaty will greatly boost world economic recovery in the post-pandemic era, enhance the international community's confidence in economic globalization and free trade, making significant contributions to the building of an open world economy.

This is a New Year gift from China and the EU to the whole world.

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